“I wonder…”

“Things have been awfully quiet for the Netherworld lately… And by quiet, I mean boring. I wonder if there’s anything to do…”

I can remedy that♥

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…Well this is kind of awkward.

((Rargh need to go to bed))

((I’ll reply to all RP posts tomorrow night. Got a huge day tomorrow))

The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

No one will reblog this from me. 

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“Damn right! Stupid magic anons. I’ll kill the lot of them.”

Magic anons, huh? Sounds bothersome.

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Hello from fallen angel to… um… angel that kinda just fell?

((If this doens’t stop me from getting blogs confused, I don’t know what will.))

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Well hellooooo angel me♥ ~hugs her from behind gently~ And how are you doing~?



And hello to you both♥

“Who the hell’re you?” *Is dancing to Caramelldansen, same style as dancers and looking ridiculous*

Did I… Come in at a bad time..?